By Guineapig Wheekly UK

This is a handmade fully eco friendly and biodegradable rabbit and guinea pig boredom enrichment toy. Newly improved with more enrichment parts and organic hays.

Contains : 
-Natural Timothy rich hay & petal forage
- Rattan ball & Corn plaits
-Card cup and raffia to hang up your toy in your pets cage to keep them busy for hours.

It's refillable and the left over cup you can pop into your cardboard recycling.
Ideal for 1 x Rabbit or 2x Guineapigs . You might need more than one with dominant herds though if they don't like sharing. 

Disclaimer & Safety information :
-Please note each wheeky play toy is handmade so will vary from one to the other.
-Every effort has been made to remove pieces of hay that maybe sharp. Be sure to check your pets eyes for any strands that may enter the eye after use.
-Monitor your pet when the toy is in use and if the toy has significant wear and tear please discard of the remains for safety.
-Currently UK SALE only due to customs import restrictions,

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