About me



Guineapig Wheekly story ...

The Guinea pig Wheekly started back in 2015 by myself (Katie thats me!) working from my small home studio designing small pet illustrations for small pet lovers and applying them to merch and printed products for people all over the world to enjoy.

Drawing my way from a card collection to a colouring book , fleece fabric line for handmade pet beds and more there is always something for every guinea pig lover in the guineapig wheekly shop.

In 2022 after years of being a purely online presence the guineapig wheekly took on a new adventure selling forages and treats on the market stall scene! Based in Staffordshire and Cheshire, I bring my small pet market stall experience to a selection of locations that is sure to be a feast for the eyes of owners and tummies of small furrie's alike.

You can find UK freshly grown forages, treats and toys at my stall locations and experience the market day for yourself. All products are suitable for Guinea pigs , Rabbits , Hamsters and more.

Locations include : Stone , Trentham , Northwich , Nantwich , Leek , Congleton.