Sign up to your subscription box today!

You can now sign up for your own guineapig wheekly monthly subscription box all in one place! Available for customers in the united kingdom only.

See my Faq's for all general questions and terms.

Subscription Faq's

How often will I be billed?

All our subscription boxes are only billable once per month. Your first bill will come out on the day you place your subscription order and delivery is added.

Every billing date after will follow when you signed up. This will be your repeat payment date. If payment fails the subscription system will try to process 3 times, if this fails for whatever reason the subscription will pause and you will get email notification.

How often will I receive a delivery?

All boxes will be sent out once per month on the 4th friday of the month for both the forage box and hay cookie box depending on which you order.

*Please be aware that packages maybe held back a day or two during humid times of year to avoid any moisture damaging product.

Can I edit my subscription?

In your customer account space you are able to pause, cancel or adjust your subscription plan at any time. This is a new feature to the guineapig wheekly website so is going through user testing.

All subscriptions are "ongoing" and at present don't automatically cancel. If you wish to change anything and need help click here edit my subscription

Please note that ammendments to box subscriptions need 48 hours notice. This lets me know that you'd like to skip a month or stop for now before I ship product out to you as scheduled.