Christmas Pigmas Hamper!

By Guineapig Wheekly UK

£15.00 £18.00
Since it's that time of the year for gift giving we've put together a fun piggie bundle hamper of goodies for you to gift to your special small furry this christmas with a wide variety of treats and toys! All natural & biodegradable! 

Each hamper contains : 

- 1 Hay Cookie (Carrot)
- 1 Hay Mini Roll (Marigold)
- 1 Bag of Peaflakes (80grams)
- 1 Mini hay play cup 
- 1 Bag of Hay cubes (180grams)
- 1 Box exclusive " Wheeky wishing star toy" 

Each box is surrounded in hay and all materials are pet friendly /natural / biodegradable.
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