🐹 How to clean your fleece cuddle cup 🐹

Cuddle cups are handmade fluffy luxury perfect for any guinea pig that loves to live the high life in cosiness. Using fleece items in your home cage set up can be beneficial for your piggie's, more economical in reducing waste but also be a good investment long term to instead of making repeat natural bedding purchases. 
By taking good care of your fleece bed cage accessories they are sure to stay looking adorably cosy time and time again. Here’s some tips on how to clean your cuddle cup :
1 . To start cleaning your cuddle cup, shake out the cup to remove any loose debris, piggie poops, food nuggets and more. 
2. Once your bed is all shaken off you can then flip it inside out to begin brushing the inside of the bed with a soft bristle brush. Poops and cage debris can get stuck into the creases, so its good to get those out so you have no floaters in your washing machine.
3. If your guinea pigs shed a lot of hair (Abyssinians , shelties , coronets , Peruvians all tend to get a lot of loose hair) you will see this attached to your fleece bed. To remove it simply use a lint sticky roller or rubber brush on the fleece inside to get rid of any excess hair. 
*please note the pattern side of guineapig wheekly fleece beds can have the grain of the pattern disturbed if brushed forcefully so we recommend using a lint roller if you need to remove hair from this part.
Once your bed is all prepped for washing you can put it into a pet wash bad for in the washing machine with some fragrance free detergent on 30. At the end of the wash cycle hang up your piggie beds to air dry for 24hrs ( due to the plush filling we recommend not to put these into the dryer as they could shrink or become damaged from the heat).