Guinea pig review: Burgess Excel's new Parsley pieces & Blueberry Bakes range!


Hello everyone! Hope you're having a wheekly wonderful day! So today I have an exciting review to show you the latest burgess excel piggie and rabbit treats to hit the shops. Now I did purchase these myself with my own money at the pet show 2018).

Anyway excitingly as I said Burgess have finally released a new collection of piggie treats aside from their current Herb blends, Apple snacks and Gnaw sticks which have been on the market for quite a while.


These new treats come in the form of a pressed baked biscuit / cracker  in two flavours parsley and blueberry. On first impressions they look nice and smell really grassy/herby . They are more crumbly and fragile than most other pet treats I've tried on the market like selective naturals range of guinea pig and rabbit sticks  / bites which are significantly hard and take my pigs some time to chew through. It's nice they're softer for dainty little eaters, however I would worry about them becoming crushed and broken in the plastic bag packaging they came in.


As for ingredients the parsley pieces contain no artificial colours or flavours and the recipe list contains  ( grass, peas, soya hulls, vegetable oil , chickpea, apple , carrot , mixed herbs , linseed and parsley).

The blueberry bakes contain again no artificial colours or flavours and the recipe list contains ( grass , peas, soya hulls, vegetable oils, chickpea , apple , carrot , mixed herbs , linseed, dried blueberry.

On the note of sustainability and environmentally friendly product , I've noticed a lot of brands are adapting their product packaging ranges to suit more eco-friendly means of supplying their product to the public ( in the form of bio degradable or recyclable packets). However looking at the burgess treat bags they contain no note on being recyclable or environmentally friendly so I think this is the only area burgess lose piggie points on this product.


What did the guinea pigs think ?

Well Gigi and Willy really enjoyed these treats very much ( gigi as a matter of fact couldn't get enough of them and may have sneaked his little chops into the bag of treats on more than one occasion. Are they worth a try? Yes I'd give them a go if you want to give your furry friend something tasty to try as a treat .  Burgess do advise to give these to your pet in moderation ( one treat a day)  with a balance of healthy pallets, lots of hay and water.


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Katie and piggies x