Guinea Pig Fleece 101 : Is fleece a good bedding eco alternative for piggies?

Guinea Pig Fleece 101: Is fleece a good bedding eco alternative for piggies?

Many guineapig wheekly followers have been asking me this question lately and so I really wanted to chat about using fleece and the pawsitives to using it with the help of my friend Stef from Pampered Piggies Boutique to (our piggie bed making expert) !.
Photo by Marie

Q1 - Do guinea pigs even like fleece? 

A : The answer is ....absolutely! Guinea Pigs believe it or not love guinea pig fleece bed items. Cosy plush items are a big favourite of guinea pigs ( see these adorable photos of proof sent in by some of my lovely gpw followers)!

Q2. Are fleece items easy to care for and clean? 

A: Yes! Many people use fleece items directy in their guinea pigs cages or simply out during lap time. Fleece items once brushed, lint rollered or in some case  hoovered can then be easily popped into a pet wash bag and washed as normally in the laundry. ( Ofcourse use no liquid softener simply powder detergent and some white vingegar to). 

Q3. What different types of fleece items are there? 

A: So many! What's also fun is each individual guinea pig fleece bed shop has their own unique styles of beds but generally common beds you'll see are cosy snuggle sacks , cosy cuddle cups , fleecey tunnels and more!

Q4. Is fleece a good "eco-friendly" alternative to other forms of guinea pig bedding? 

A: This is my personal opinion but chatting with Stef we both definitely feel fleece is a fab eco alternative to common forms of guinea pig bedding such as -  sawdust , carefresh  and other forms of paper bedding. Fleece is long lasting ( with care it will last you a very long time even years!) and washed at 30 you save energy! Any hay or poops can be composted easily so overall I'd say fleece bedding is pretty green!

Q5. Where can I find guinea pig fleece items in the uk? 

A: There are a wide variety of uk guinea pig bed shops but some of my personal favourites are of course "Pampered Piggies Boutique" , You can find snuggle sacks , cosy cups and tunnels I've made with Stef in the guineapig wheekly shop as well. Remember "quality" made fleecey items will last you and serve your piggies well.