<3 Unicorn Enamel Pin Goodness + Updates <3


Hey guys!

It's been a little while since I last blogged. Hope you're are all having a lovely week! It's been super duper warm in the uk lately and we've been doing all we can to ensure the pigs are comfy in this rather clammy uk weather ( we're just not used to the heat to many gloomy rainy days I think!).

Plenty of melon, cool water bottles, cucumber mid day munchies and frequent clean cages to prevent any nasty flies has done the trick ( plus my lovely mother guineapig went out and bought the pigs a huge fan to ensure they were kept cool). 

Usually in the uk we get maybe a week of " summer" and then its straight back to rainy days inside, so its been nice to move my work out into the garden lately. As you may have seen my new hard enamel unipiggie glitter pins arrived a few weeks ago and I've been having fun with them to say the least ( along with gawping over how pretty they are). 


If you'd like your very own unipiggie pin to pretend fly through the sky like me or just to look fabulous on that beautiful jacket or bag you have. You can find her in the guineapigwheekly shop here

I'm so so happy with how these piggie pins turned out I'm in the process of designing two more to potentially come out later this year. One being another magical pin and one being a charity pin potentially as I'm all for boosting positivity and helping guineapig rescue charities who need it. If you have a great idea for a new lapel enamel pin you'd love to see on the guineapig wheekly uk let me know!

Have a lovely rest of the day guys and I'll wheek to you again soon!

Katie and piggies x