Magical Unipiggie Love Guineapig Gift Mug *Instock!*

By Guineapig Wheekly UK

"Behold the magical unipiggie mug , makes any tea or coffee magical!"
  • Full colour printed guineapig wheekly unicorn china mug.
  • The print covers the full area of the mug apart from the handle and space beneath the mug lip due to the printing process. Therefore the product may vary slightly from the website image.
  • Each mug may differ slightly due to the uniqueness of the print and we advise you hand wash your mug before use. Each mug is fully dishwasher proof & microwave safe. 
  • ​Each mug comes in a protective card box to prevent any damage.
  • Each mug is china ( not earthernware) to ensure quality and oodles of guineapig goodness!
  • Made in the UK with love

*Note The second image is for  *gift box demonstration purposes* only, you won't receive 3 mugs in this listing. You can have your mug gift wrapped by selecting the option box and adding to cart.

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