* Pre-order* Cookie Guineapig Gift Mug

By Guineapig Wheekly UK

The new mugs sold out super duper fast! I'm taking pre-orders as new stock will be made in the next month and therefore to ensure you guys don't have to wait to long you can pre-order a mug to ensure its there for you once the stock arrives in. All orders are held until stock arrives and isn't shipped until then. Stock Arrival November 2017.
  • Full colour printed guineapig wheekly china mug.
  • The print covers the full area of the mug apart from the handle and space beneath the mug lip due to the printing process. Therefore the product may vary slightly from the website image.
  • Each mug may differ slightly due to the uniqueness of the print and we advise you hand wash your mug before use. Each mug is fully dishwasher proof & microwave safe.
  • Each mug is china ( not earthernware) to ensure quality and oodles of guineapig goodness!
  • Made in the UK with love

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