Spring Piggie Mix Boxes UK SALE

By Guineapig Wheekly UK


Brand new to the guinea pig wheekly treat collection the "spring piggie mix box". 

200 grams of piggie goodness each box includes a mixture of : 

- 1 xMarigold Blossom Hay Cookie 3x Botancial Hay squares

- Meadow flower blend of sunflower , marigold , corn flower, rose and mallow flower.

-Flower forage & fresh meadow hay.

All carefully packaged in a kraft recycled take away box! Product guidance : Feel free to pop into your pets cage or empty the contents into a bowl. Remove once piggies have finished eatting, if hay cookies become soggy due to cage moisture pop them into the recycling. *All ingredients are labeled on the box, keep away from moisture and use within 6months for freshness.

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